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Shooter Buddies is a fast paced shooter with the goal to achieve high replay value. 


Inspired by smaller rouge-like titles that focus purely on gameplay, the game will feature player progression. Experiment with different gear combinations to beat your highscore. 

All weapons are fused via the Fusion Printer.  If your'e lucky, it will do its job and spit out something useful.  

Each weapon has a reactor inside allowing for unlimited ammo, just make sure to keep it cool!  There's also a chance for a weapon attachment.

Each weapon and Pack has a few stats that will be random.  Chances for getting better gear will depend on how much energy was supplied to the Fusion Printer.

Bots come in different types. Some explode, others heal, jump, or buff their allies. 

We plan on adding few boss enemies. These will test if you made the right choices.

Our idea for Shooter Buddies changed a lot since we started. Each new feature adds more combinations and therefore ways to beat the waves. We want to expand the game further and continiue to improve it after release.


Brain Cooler is a small indie team --  a programmer, artist and a composer. We've been working on SB for few years now, balancing indie development with full time work in game dev. We're confident that we'll deliver you a fun experience and we hope our prototype footage proves that.

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